Businesswoman reading virtual newspaperFunny facts are another way to bring a smile to the faces of people in the world. It is interesting to learn that a cockroach will still live for nine days after he loses his head. The largest amphibian is the giant salamander which if left alone, can grow to five feet long. In Cleveland, Ohio it is illegal to catch mice without a hunting license. With that one, who is really going to live with a home infested with mice? Probably nobody. In Texas it is still legal and on the books that a man can be shot if he steals another man’s horse.

Most news is not watched because the content is so awful that people do not want to hear it. Because of this there are some who believe that funny news is something that should also be shared with the public at large. Odd news will catch a lot of attention as the statistics have shown over the past twenty years or so since it became something of an experiment.

Interesting news stories will peak a lot more interest than was originally thought back in the day. Even as things in the economy get more stressful, world news has every country fighting with every other one, the climate has changed enough to endanger species including humans and there is usually a huge asteroid heading straight for us that will wipe out the world, strange news has been thrown into the mix to keep things a little more evened out.

Happy news is fun too. It is nice to read a story about a family that took in an entire nest of baby ducks when their mother did not return from a flight or seeing that normal, everyday human beings are taking oil spill victims like penguins and ducks as well as crabs and such, and helping to clean them up so they can still have a decent life. These are the kindnesses that should help everyone to be better people.

Interesting and strange news is not only much better when mixed with the bad things. It helps to alleviate the depression that can come from the daily atrocities that humans can wreak upon one another. It is good to know that in a society that loves to hate everything from puppies to outer space, some people still have enough common sense to laugh at things when they get the chance.